About Us

The Family Home is owned by the board of Parents and Friends of Children and Adults, Inc. The Family Home is staffed by our Executive Director, Gina Newman and our House Manager, Ronnie Fehrenbach who oversees all daily operations. It is a spacious 13,500 square foot house with two guest wings: one has a kitchen, laundry, and five bedrooms and baths for parents who have babies in the UAMS Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and the other has two kitchens, laundry and 10 bedrooms and baths for patients receiving cancer treatment and their caregivers. In addition to an office, conference room, meditation area, and manager’s apartment, the home also includes the Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute Auxiliary Cancer Support Center comprised of a library and activities room, kitchen, covered porch and great room where functions for cancer patients are held.

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Board of Directors and Officers

April 2018

Scott Johnson | President

Cale Turner | Vice President

Greg Ramer | Treasurer

Evelyn Behrle | Secretary

Ken Hammonds – Ex officio and Immediate Past President

Dale Andrews

Brenda Barrett


Dr. Sarah Bone

Jennifer Cate

Lynn Dickey

Emily Gordon Paul

Chris Johnson

Kenneth “Rusty” Mitchell

Dudley Shollmier, Jr

Patrick Sullenger

Dr. Misty Virmani

Peyton Woodyard

Executive Director

Gina Newman
The Family Home
4300 West Markham
Little Rock, AR 72205
501-978-2900 office


Emeritus Board Members

David A. Atkins

Robin Dean

Richard W. Hall, M. D.

Sam Perroni